Phenotype report - Age-related macular degeneration (HGVPM6)
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Phenotype summary
GWAS Central identifier HGVPM6
Phenotype Age-related macular degeneration
Used in Study GWAS of age-related macular degeneration (HGVST4)
Description For the determination of AMD status fundus photographs graded by a central reading center, best-corrected visual acuity and ophthalmologic evaluations were performed for over 4,700 participants which were enrolled into one of several AMD categories, including persons with no AMD. 1) Category 1 (no drusen or nonextensive small drusen) 2) Category 2 (intermediate or extensive small drusen or pigment abnormalities) 3) Category 3 (extensive intermediate drusen, large drusen, or noncentral geographic atrophy) 4) Category 4 (one eye with advanced AMD regardless of visual acuity score, or one eye with a visual acuity score of 73 or less with the decrease attributable to AMD; and the fellow eye with no evidence of advanced AMD and a visual acuity score of 74 or more)
Variable type Nominal
Variable unit Not supplied
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Phenotype annotation MeSH: Macular Degeneration (D008268)link
HPO: Macular degeneration (HP:0000608)link
HPO: Macular dystrophy (HP:0007754)link
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