Phenotype report - Schizophrenia (HGVPM589)
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Phenotype summary
GWAS Central identifier HGVPM589
Phenotype Schizophrenia
Used in Study GWAS of schizophrenia (HGVST320)
Description Seft-reported European ancestry (EA) and African American (AA) unrelated adult cases with DSM-IIIR (SGI study) or DSM-IV (MGS1, MGS2 studies) schizophrenia (SZ) or schizoaffective disorder (SA) were collected under institutional review board-approved protocols in three studies, Schizophrenia Genetics Initiative (SGI), Molecular Genetics of Schizophrenia Part 1 (MGS1), and MGS2.
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Phenotype annotation MeSH: Schizophrenia (D012559)link
Phenotypes inferred from OMIM info SCHIZOPHRENIA (181500)link
HPO: Hallucinations (HP:0000738)link
HPO: Delusions (HP:0000746)link
HPO: Abnormality of metabolism/homeostasis (HP:0001939)link
HPO: EEG abnormalities (HP:0002353)link
HPO: Social and occupational deterioration (HP:0007086)link
Method details
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