Phenotype report - Parkinson's disease (HGVPM3)
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Phenotype summary
GWAS Central identifier HGVPM3
Phenotype Parkinson's disease
Used in Study GWAS of Parkinson's disease (HGVST6)
Description CASES : Disease onset was defined as the time when symptoms of the disease were first noted, including at least one of the following, resting tremor,rigidity.bradykinesia,gait disorder, postuaral instability All Patients were queried about family history of parkinsonism,dementia,tremor,gait disorders and other neurological dysfunction. Both those with and without reported family history were included on the case panel. None were included on the case panel who had three or more relatives with parkinsonism,nor apparent Mendelian inheritance. CONTROLS : None had a history of Alzheimer's disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, ataxia, autism, bipolar disorder, brain aneurysm, dementia, dystonia, or Parkinson's disease. Folstein mini-mental state examination scores ranged from 26–30. All participants were interviewed for family history in detail. None had any first-degree relative with a known primary neurological disorder, including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, ataxia, autism, brain aneurysm, dystonia, Parkinson's disease, and schizophrenia.
Variable type Nominal
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Phenotype annotation MeSH: Parkinson Disease (D010300)link
Phenotypes inferred from OMIM info PARKINSON DISEASE (168600)link
HPO: Mask-like facies (HP:0000298)link
HPO: Depression (HP:0000716)link
HPO: Dementia (HP:0000726)link
HPO: Personality changes (HP:0000751)link
HPO: Dysarthria (HP:0001260)link
HPO: Parkinsonism (HP:0001300)link
HPO: Tremor (HP:0001337)link
HPO: Soft voice (HP:0001621)link
HPO: Rigidity (HP:0002063)link
HPO: Bradykinesia (HP:0002067)link
HPO: Hyposmia (HP:0004409)link
HPO: Short stepped shuffling gait (HP:0007311)link
Method details
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