Use the Browser to integrate and interrogate data sets graphically
To add new data to the Browser use the Studies and Phenotypes pages.
Or upload your own data sets using the Upload tab.
Upload a Custom Track
To view your own data in GWAS Central use this page to upload text files (up to 2).
Files should have two columns: column 1 = dbSNP rsID, column 2 = p-value. Columns can be separated by commas, spaces or tabs.

Only the first 5,000 lines of each file will be read. The maximum size is 150Kb.
Your Custom Tracks
No custom tracks

Data uploaded to GWAS Central remains the property of the uploader. Uploads are made on an open, non-secure network connection.
If your data are sensitive you should not upload it but contact GWAS Central for more information. While we undertake everything to not make uploaded data available to any person other than the originator we DO NOT provide any assurance whatsoever concerning data security and/or privacy. All uploaded data is deleted within 48 hours.